Kanji Sieve Help

Version History

version 0.5 November 2010

  • option to turn off tooltips
  • click to display kanji information in statistics view
  • shift-click for options on buttons.
  • October 2010 standard Jyouyou kanji
  • Spanish keywords
  • French keywords
  • Spanish, French and German automatic lookup on wwwjdic
  • added Hispadic and Wadoku to list of online dictionaries
  • sieve for custom list of kanji
  • searched word in waeijiten is highlighted (verbs and adjectives decline)
  • minor interface improvements
  • improved character count for more accurate overall statistics.
  • Kanji Notebook (2010 Jyouyou, KKLD kanji, Kanji Oddysey)
  • import images
  • images and audio copied to media folder.
  • Image Editor from pixlr.com
  • fixed. Edit wordlist bugs

version 0.4.1 September 2010

  • Bug fixes
  • fixed. Mac Java 5 conflict with how the chuta online cache was checked.
  • fixed. Online help navigation buttons
  • fixed. minor interface bugs.

version 0.4 September 2010

  • Online help
  • Dictionary screen expanded
  • Automatic lookup of words via button
  • Choice of online dictionaries
  • Partial Chuta implementation on PC
  • Offline Chuta option for Mac
  • Detect for Internet status
  • Styled notes
  • Full screen text pane in Statistics
  • Web browsing of sources
  • Audio support
  • Toned down colour scheme
  • New kanji for logo
  • Resizeable layouts
  • Printing
  • Import from v0.3
  • Import of single plain text files
  • Export of data and vocab
  • Search and replace including regex in new record and edit
  • Remove furigana button in new record and edit
  • List view removed individual delete and edit buttons
  • List view added wordlist length
  • Added Window and Format menus
  • Fixed some display bugs
  • Improved navigation
  • Made popup windows modal
  • Improved update of unknown kanji and non-jyouyou
  • Notes on statistics layout

version 0.3.2 August 2010

  • Restored list highlighting

version 0.3.1 August 2010

  • Windows release
  • Changed colours to blue

version 0.3 Mac June 2010

  • Major update
  • Multiple records
  • Text parsing using Chuta web dictionary
  • Word lists
  • Tab delimited Flashcard decks
  • Known kanji list
  • Filter for spurious characters in non-jyouyou list
  • Categories and tags
  • Difficulty index
  • Word count
  • Revised backend
  • Removed replace kanji with keywords and append keywords to kanji

version 0.2.1 April 2010

  • corrected non-jyouyou and katakana to account for half width kana and full width roman characters

version 0.2 April 2010

  • Better display on windows
  • Font size of sample text can be changed
  • Information on tabs can be copied to the clipboard
  • Nonjyouyou and katakana are sieved for
  • Changing the sample text automatically triggers sieve
  • New panels replace kanji with keywords and append keywords to kanji

version 0.1 March 2010

  • initial release