NHK World

Various programs (mainly in English?) but useful for the intermediate office-based Japanese learning program.


NHK for Schools


The gokugo programs I find the most interesting. Especially ことばドリル . Also available through a website. The programs are only 15 mins. They show how Japanese adults can make mistakes and how Japanese is taught to Japanese children. I make the same mistakes as the fall guys in the various segments.

Japanese Dictionary

Kodansha Kanji Learners Dictionary
I seem to have bought this 3 or 4 times. Once as a paper copy 1st edition. Then as an app. It was a good price but withdrawn due to some rights issue. The compiler actually commented on my website about it. The official app which was near identical. and an upgrade to the 2nd edition.
So I guess you can say I like this.

A bundle exists with the 2 ancillary apps for Synonyms and Usage saving £12


Human Japanese Intermediate

Flashcards Deluxe

A Lite version exists.

This is inexpensive at about £4. The big plus for me is the cards can have multiple sides. So kanji kana and English are separate. It also has an option to type in the answer to keep yourself honest. And a drawing area for testing kanji. (Not recognition though). It can also speak cards to you.

The only drawback is the interface is a bit clunky and needs a little effort to understand what it can do.

Japanese Sensei Deluxe

Satori Reader

Some free articles but full use requires a subscription.


Can be frustrating. Some (many?) dodgy sentences and strange constructions in both English and Japanese. Text to speech used mangles many readings. No context. No explanations as such. Wouldn't recommend at all as a way to learn Japanese.
But… It is useful for refreshing what you already know. Mostly it uses sentences. It uses kanji from the offset. The gamified experience adds an impetus to using it. But also encourages gaming the app rather than learning from it.
It's free. And either has few ads or my adblocker works very well.

例解学習国語辞典 第九版[+漢検過去問ドリル

Childrens Dictionary from 物書堂

A nice app. Clearer layout and fonts than an adult dictionary. Simpler Japanese, more limited word set which makes it easier to work in as a learner. All the words have furigana. The interface can be adjusted according to grade level.
A bonus feature is pitch accent entries. The only time I've seen these before was in the expensive NHK pronunciation dictionary.
There are also kanken practice tests. a free one for each level. but others can be bought for £2 a level for 10 tests or more. But have yet to figure that out.
You can also add your own photographs to entries, which has possibilities. A feature I made for myself in my Kanji Notebook.

エースクラウン英和辞典 第2版

Ace Crown E → J Dictionary from 物書堂

Another children’s dictionary. This time an English dictionary for middle school and high school.
The version I bought is standalone but they want you to use their generic interface for multiple dictionaries. I haven’t.


A fun kanji game for Japanese grade school children. Guided by alien rabbits you complete timed tests on reading and writing kanji. As you work your way through 1006 kanji and grades 10 to 5 of the kanji kentei. And collect coins and medals and hearts and all the usual gamification stuff.
There is also an inexpensive paid version that removes ads. But my ad blocker seems to have already taken care of that!