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These help files are still in the process of being written.
I thought it was best not to delay release of v0.4
As they are online I can update them without needing to update the main solution

Kanji Sieve is a small program to help you learn to read Japanese and prioritise which kanji and vocabulary to study based on texts you store in it. You concentrate on the vocabulary for the type of texts you want to read.

Kanji Sieve is written in FileMaker that takes short pieces of text and analyses the kanji usage in them. The text is broken down into words by submitting it to chuta.jp and wordlists can be automatically generated. The meanings can be checked in chuta or looked up in one of several online dictionaries. The wordlists can then be submitted as flashcard sets to an iPhone app.

Audio and notes (such as translations) can be attached to a text. There is a built-in mini browser to make browsing for new texts easier.

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Design Notes

Notes on the process of designing and programming Kanji Sieve using FileMaker.